“You’re perfect, Mark!”

Checking back in my blogs, it was July 17th when Mark and Merih bought a used car for Merih.  However, the car needed a bunch of work on it.  Mark has been spending evenings and weekends on it, and a couple of times on his day off, Merih has come over to help.  It was obvious last time, though, that Merih was beginning to give up hope of ever getting to drive it this summer.

I stopped at Walmart in Sturgeon Bay after church and called Mark to ask if there was anything he needed from the store.  He asked me to get some brake fluid and said he was going to need my help when I got home.  When I brought the brake fluid home, Mark asked me to sit in Merih’s car and pump the brake pedal a bunch so that he could bleed the old brake fluid out.  Once that was done, he put the new brake fluid I had gotten into the engine and then told me he was going to take the car on a test drive.  He drove it all the way down to Sturgeon Bay and back and said it has a lot of get-up-and-go.  There is still one more thing that needs to be fixed on the car, but it runs quite well as it is.

When he got back from his test run, I called the Sister Bay Bowl where Merih is working tonight and asked his boss if we could borrow Merih for a few minutes if we came in right away.  He said we could if it wasn’t too busy in there.  Mark drove Merih’s car and I followed in the truck.

When we got there, Merih was a little surprised to see us, and even more so when Mark threw a set of keys down on the counter of the bar where Merih was working.  I asked if Merih could come out with us and he immediately followed us out.  He seemed a little puzzled at first as we walked out the door.  He said, “What’s wrong?”  I had parked the truck in front of the car and when he got past the truck and saw the car, he looked at Mark with a big grin.  “Is it OK to drive?” he asked.  Mark assured him that he had given it a test drive and it was working.  Merih said, “Let’s go for a drive!”  We looked at him and said, “What about your job?” and he said, “It’s OK.”

We got into the car with him and he drove a little way down the road and then turned around.  When we got back and got out of the car, Merih gave Mark a big hug and said, “You’re perfect, Mark!  I love you!” and he gave each of us a hug.  He wanted to invite us in to eat, but we had already eaten.  He asked if we’d like to come in for a drink, but Mark said he was tired and would just like to go home.  Merih said, “I want to buy you dinner sometime.”  We learned from him that he has this Wednesday evening off, so we suggested we could do it then.

It was obvious from his beaming face that Merih was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.  I wished I had had my camera with me so I could have shown you how big his smile was.

There is still one more thing to fix, but Mark told Merih he can bring it over whenever he wants and they can work on it together.  It doesn’t affect the way the car drives.

Now that the car is out of our driveway, maybe we can get back to the bathroom remodel!

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