7 days and counting…

I don’t remember when the last time that I wrote was, but things have been so busy at H&R Block, I’m lucky I remember my name.  🙁  

Actually, I asked for more hours so I shouldn’t be complaining, but I am beginning to get a bad case of short-timers.  This is the disease where you start getting so close to the end of employment somewhere that all you want is for it to be over.  Tomorrow is Tuesday and the last day of the tax season is the following Monday, so there are seven days left.  I’m already anticipating our trip home to Wisconsin!

Something kind of funny happened today.  When I was working over at my office on Prince and Fairview, I looked online at the calendar at the St. Mary’s office.  That’s the office where my boss works, and she had asked me to come and work there the rest of the day after being relieved at my office.

Picture this:  The scheduling calendar has each hour numbered in the left margin with space to be divided at fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, and forty-five minutes between the hours.  At the top, the various tax professionals are listed, so when a client wants to make an appointment, we schedule them by tax professional and by time.  Whenever we schedule a client out further than three days, we call to confirm their appointment a couple times.  If we can’t confirm it after two attempts, we mark it as “Unable to confirm” and then that space if fair game for the next client that wants to be scheduled at that time.  When this happens, both clients show on the same line, but their appointment block is only half as wide as the normal space, so sometimes we can only see a few letters of their first name in their block.  This all sounds complicated, but hang in there with me here.  I am setting the scene…

So, again, this is the calendar at St. Mary’s, and one of the tax pros has two clients overlapping like this:  From 6:00 to 7:30, she has a client whose first name is Jesus.  From 7:00 to 8:00, she has an unconfirmed client whose first name is Christopher, but only the first six letters of his name show.  So this is what it looks like:

6:00   Jesus

7:00               Christ

I thought it was pretty funny.  Some of the people I tried to show it to at work had to have it explained to them before they got the humor.  By and large, tax professionals have very little sense of humor!

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