Old news is better than none…

A couple of weekends ago, Mark and I went to an RV show at the Pima County Fairgrounds.  Most of what we saw was redundant and not very exciting, but we saw two 5th Wheels that we fell in love with and they were reasonably priced.  Only problem is, we owe more on our current RV than it is worth, so all we could do is drool.

Landmark 5th wheel for $90,659

Upstairs living room

This is a feature that we started seeing a few years ago.  Most 5th wheels put the bedroom upstairs and then the kitchen cupboards are so high I can’t reach them.  When they put the living room upstairs…

Kitchen cupboards are low thanks to the living room being open.

The room you can see above the cupboards on the left is the living room.  Also, note the domestic refrigerator with lots of room for food!

Cup holders in the theater seating can control heating and massage vibration in the couch.  Ahh!

Pull-out storage underneath!

Mark said he’s only seen one other RV with this pull out storage.  It makes it easier to load and reach the kinds of things you store in the “basement” of the RV.

Bighorn for $60,555

Beautiful details!  We have not seen an RV with this kind of class since the one we sold to get our current monstrosity.  We both loved the arch.

While this living room isn’t upstairs, it has a gas fireplace and seating where people could actually have a conversation together.

Real dining room seating

Huge pantry!

The pantry we have in our current RV is seven and a half inches wide and two feet deep.  I loved all the pantry and cabinet space in this RV.

Solar power – Yah!!!

The reason I haven’t written in a couple of weeks is that my old laptop finally gave up the ghost.  Mark gave me one of his laptops and I have had to try to recreate or download new versions of all the applications I had on my old laptop.  Mark pulled the hard drive out of the old one, but I’m having some difficulty integrating it into the new laptop.  Also, Mark had already set this laptop up for himself, so I had some trouble getting myself on.  There is still some tweaking to do, but I am almost back in business!

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