From Stone Mountain, GA

I had never heard of Stone Mountain, GA before we started planning this trip, but it was a place Mark wanted to see.  It just so happened that I have another friend I had never met before who lives on the opposite side of Atlanta and he and his wife were free to meet us tonight.  Here are today’s pictures: Continue reading

Guest blog: John Greaves III

One of my authors, John Greaves III, offered to do a guest blog for me while I am recovering.  (Thank you, John!)  He asked that I also include links to the Amazon sales pages for his two published books, which I am glad to do to support him in his efforts.  The first book is A Little Lesson in Manners and the second is A Different Kind of Giant.  His topic for this blog is how he found an illustrator for his book cover, and I am including his illustrator’s web link in my list of useful links in the sidebar of my page for anyone who might be interested. Continue reading

Guest blog by John Greaves III

I knew this would be a busy day, so I asked my most recent published author to write about his experience.  John first had me edit a full length book about his characters, Zac and Mya, but then he sent me a short story aimed at introducing his characters ahead of the book.  He has just gotten his short story, Pit Stop, published.  I’m turning it over to John Greaves III from here: Continue reading


Modesty prevents me from singing my own praises, but one of my authors has done so on YouTube!  John Greaves III is in the process of a rewrite on his book for Young Adults called A Different Kind of Giant.  His was the first book my newly formed team tackled together, so the credit goes to Donna and Mark as well.  Here is the link: Continue reading

Repost from John Greaves III

I had taken a break from editing for a few months as we prepared to move from Oregon, and then for the first few months we were in California.  Then I posted a question on LinkedIn about wanting to get some children’s or young adult books to edit, and John Greaves wrote to inquire about me editing his YA book.  Tonight he sent me a post he’d written on his blog, and he gave me permission to repost it here. Continue reading

New service offered

It’s been over a week since I posted the last of Nate’s story.  Mark and I moved to a new space in the same location this week and we’ve been occupied with making the change.  However, I have some exciting editing news!  I have formed a team with two other people for editing manuscripts.  I have always done three read-throughs of a Continue reading

New book news!

Imagine watching your spouse go from perfect health to total dependence on you for everything.  That’s what happened to Delores Warner.  Her husband, who had always been in control, was diagnosed with ALS, and he made her promise she wouldn’t put him in a nursing home.  She not only took care of him, but also of their small farm with Continue reading

Guest blog: Delores Warner – on publishing her first book

Way back in the beginning when I was first writing this blog, I was editing a book for a first-time writer, Delores Warner.  I have asked her to keep me posted on her progress since I finished with her, and she recently told me her book is being published.  I asked her if she would write a guest blog about the process she’s been through, and she has.  Here is Delores’ post: Continue reading

Many Windows On the World

My husband, Mark, is a long haul trucker.  He has been in nearly all the lower 48 states with the exception of a few in the NE corner of the country.  He’s seen all sorts of beautiful sights and had many adventures.  Wherever he goes he takes a camera, and he’s always ready to shoot something spectacular or interesting.  He took the picture I’m using for my Continue reading