Last hurrah in San Antonio

I haven’t written in a while because my laptop hard drive began to fail and we took it in to get backed up and have a new hard drive put in.  Unfortunately, the backup couldn’t capture everything I had on the old hard drive so I’ve been having to rebuild my computer.  The last couple days we’ve been busy seeing about the last of everything we wanted to see while we’re here, so I have pictures to share: Continue reading

Guest Blog: Mark Fuller

Hey everyone!!

Bet you’re all wondering why Denise hasn’t posted a blog in a while??  Well, her hands have been giving her problems since we left Reno, NV.  Once we arrived here in beautiful Lynden, WA., we got her in to see a hand specialist. After checking Denise’s hands, this specialist referred her to an other specialist who works on the therapeutic side of the specialty.  After about a month worth of therapeutic treatments, there has been little to no improvement… Continue reading

Messin’ around with my site

Today is the first working day in California when I’ve been unemployed as a Workamper.  Mark has this week left to work and then we have a couple weeks to get packed up and head to Oregon for several weeks.  So I’ve spent today doing research for my editing business and working on my web site. Continue reading

My next assignment

I had a teleconference with my business mentor, Elge Premeau, today.  I told her about all the authors I’ve connected to on Twitter since I spoke with her last week.  She said, “Well, those would be your end users, but you need to research publishing houses.”  She suggested I turn my Twitter list into individual lists that people can follow if they want, so Continue reading

My laptop wish list

I think it’s been about a year since I had a laptop.  When mine died I couldn’t afford to get a new one.  (I don’t use credit cards!)  I have been saving for one, and I have enough saved up now to buy one.  I’ll need one to take with me when Mark and I take our act on the road.  I’ve been giving some thought to what features I’d like my new laptop to have, and here is Continue reading