From Twin Rocks, OR

I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day yesterday.  Mark and I went to the restaurant where we took my pastor after he married us in Clackamette Park.  We were remembering that after we were married and we took him out for dessert he said, “Well, now that I’ve married you, I should ask some questions.”  He did the whole pre-marital counseling thing after the fact! Continue reading

My next assignment

I had a teleconference with my business mentor, Elge Premeau, today.  I told her about all the authors I’ve connected to on Twitter since I spoke with her last week.  She said, “Well, those would be your end users, but you need to research publishing houses.”  She suggested I turn my Twitter list into individual lists that people can follow if they want, so Continue reading

Fun research!

I had a 45 minute call with my business mentor, Elge Premeau, today.  She was very pleased with my web site and my blog.  She’s going to try to help Jamey (my technical administrator) figure out how to make this an RSS feed so I won’t have to e-mail everyone Continue reading