Why am I doing this?

My husband, Mark, is a long haul trucker.  He started in mid-March of 2011, so it’s been over a year now.  Theoretically, he gets one day at home for every week he’s on the road.  That means if he’s gone for six weeks, I get to see him for less than a week.

When I was working at the library, I was tied to one place for my income.  It was a problem.  We want to be together, but we needed both incomes.  A possible solution came to me when my first paying client approached me last fall and asked if I’d edit her manuscript for her.  At that point I realized this was something I could take on the road with me if I wanted.  My husband and I are looking into road work we can do together.  I plan to continue editing anywhere I can find a wireless connection.

We Skype every night and sometimes also call each other on the phone.  This morning I was driving and my husband called.  I know it’s illegal to talk on the phone while driving, but I miss him and I didn’t think a few minutes would hurt since I was on back roads.  That’s when I passed a motorcycle cop sitting on a side street.  I watched my rear view mirror, and sure enough, he pulled in behind me, pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

On days like this, I try to remember why I’m doing this:


My knight in shining armor!

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