“Mark surprised me by making it home tonight! At first, he had said he would be home by the 18th. Last night, he said he’d probably spend the night in Green Bay tonight so that he could get a new set of tires for my car (I’ve had a flat tire since Thursday and haven’t been able to go anywhere). This afternoon, he texted me and said, “See you soon!”, and I said, “Like today?” He sent me a big grin!

He surprised me with a couple more things as well:

…and poison oak.

Apparently, when Mark was helping me plant the raspberry vines on my birthday, he got into some poison oak but didn’t notice it until he got down to Tucson, 2 days after he was exposed to it. Does anyone have experience with poison oak and how to relieve the itch? He’s been trying Cortizone, but it’s still itching.

While Mark has been gone, I’ve been trying to complete a challenge from the Trillium Quilt Guild. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this summer, so they asked each member to make something with trilliums in it that’s no bigger than 14″x20″ and no smaller than 12″x12″. Since I only had 2 weeks to come up with something, I opted for the smaller size.

I had a photo I had taken at Cave Point a few years back that I wanted to kind of try to reproduce.
My poor representation — I just finished it shortly before Mark got home.

I am so happy to have my hubby back that I think I’ll cut this short and spend some time with him!

One thought on “Yippee!!!

  1. The Trillium is the flower of my Province of Ontario ! Love the piece you are going to try to replicate. Happy your hubby is home !

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