Final notes from the SCBWI picnic

My last two posts have been notes from Lisa Nowak’s talk at the SCBWI.  I took some of my own notes from her talk too.  A spare tidbit for you writers is that you don’t have to stick with one way of publishing.  You can self-publish and get picked up by a traditional publisher, as Christopher Paolini did.  (He wrote the Inheritance series; a fantasy Continue reading

Publishing resources from the SCBWI picnic

Yesterday I wrote about the talk Lisa Nowak gave at the SCBWI picnic on June 23rd.  Today I’m going to share the resources she shared.  All of them come from a list she put together, and other than any typos on my part (of which there are hopefully none!), she is responsible for the content:

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Publishing models: Which is right for you?

Yesterday I attended my first SCBWI event; an indoor picnic!  There was time at the beginning and the end for networking, but most of the meeting was a talk given by Lisa Nowak.  She is an author who is self-publishing a series of books about boys and stock cars.  Her whole talk was a comparison of different publishing methods.  She gave the Continue reading