Fun week!

Last Thursday, I took our Jamaican daughters, Javier and Mackayla, to Jacksonport to see the sights and have dinner. Unfortunately, the smoke from the Canadian fires was so thick it gave me a scratchy throat and we couldn’t see much. This was at Cave Point County Park.
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A Sunday outing

I have been having trouble with my sewing machine, which is a bad thing when there is another Vintage Market coming up that I’m supposed to be in. On Thursday, Mark took my machine down to a fabric and sewing machine shop in Green Bay called Ana’s Sewing Studio. I had sent along a couple of samples of the problems I was having and they are going to fix it, but the woman Mark talked with said that my machine isn’t powerful enough to do what I want it to, so she showed Mark another machine and sent a flyer home for me to look at.

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From Harris, MI

Today we crossed the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan.  We can now say that we have slept in all forty-nine continental states and we’ve seen four of the five Great Lakes.  (We saw Lake Huron while crossing the bridge today.  The only one we haven’t seen yet is Lake Superior.) Continue reading

Family property

Mark and I didn’t set out until mid-afternoon today, and we stopped first at the quilt shop just up the road from our RV campground.  The woman in the shop has lived in both the St Petersburg area of Florida and in Door County, WI, so she was familiar with where we’ve been and where we are going.  It’s a small world! Continue reading

From Door County, WI

This afternoon we left Green Bay, WI and headed northeast up the peninsula that divides Green Bay (the actual bay) and Lake Michigan.  Part way up the peninsula we entered Door County, a place we’ve been told is very popular, very beautiful, and has lots of things to see and do. Continue reading