Fun week!

Last Thursday, I took our Jamaican daughters, Javier and Mackayla, to Jacksonport to see the sights and have dinner. Unfortunately, the smoke from the Canadian fires was so thick it gave me a scratchy throat and we couldn’t see much. This was at Cave Point County Park.

Fortunately, the very next day, we began to see blue sky again. I worked Friday, Saturday, and my once-a-month Sunday, and then I had the 3rd and 4th off. Mark and I took advantage of my two days off with blue skies.

On the 3rd, Mark showed me a spot on Lake Michigan that he had discovered. The 2 spots in the water in the middle of the picture are 2 girls on a blowup intertube. The day was hot and the water must have felt good!
Then we went somewhere we had never been before, the coast guard lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay.
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead Lighthouse – I have seen pictures of this lighthouse but we didn’t know if we were allowed near it because of it being on government land.
Looking back toward the tall lighthouse that was in an earlier picture
On the other side is a beautiful beach!
Sturgeon Bay itself goes about 3/4 of the way across the peninsula, so in order to help ships not have to go all the way up the peninsula to get to Lake Michigan, they cut a canal the rest of the way across. Essentially, this means that everything north of Sturgeon Bay is on an island, but we have several bridges connecting us to the mainland so it doesn’t feel like we’re on an island.
Mark has been wanting to explore Carlesville just north of Sturgeon Bay, so we did that on the 4th of July. It is basically just a strip mall with a few cute shops in it. This one is the Door County Coffee and Tea Company. We went into their gift shop and it smelled like coffee!
The shop in the middle is Red Oak. They sell locally made wine and they also have a bit of a gift shop.
In spite of Carlsville being such a tiny town, you have probably heard of this shop: Door County Candle Company. Note the blue and yellow flag on the far post.
Ever since Ukraine was invaded by the Russians, this little candle shop which sells many kinds of candles has been making blue and yellow candles and sending 100% of the profits from the sale of the candles to help the Ukrainians. They have already been able to donate thousands of dollars to the Ukrainians. I bought one of the candles and they threw this paper in the bag along with it. They will ship the candles to anyone who wants to buy one as well. Their contact info is on the bag in this picture.

After we explored Carlsville, we drove down to Green Bay to see Sound of Freedom in a theater down there. It’s the true story of a Homeland Security agent who had caught a lot of sex traffic perpetrators but hadn’t gotten any of the children back because they were in other countries. That all changed when he caught a perp with a boy at the border. The boy asked him to find his sister too, and that launched him into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. I highly recommend the movie!

We had planned to go to the fireworks at Gills Rock last night, but the movie kind of put us in a different mood, so we didn’t go. It was good anyway to spend the evening with Tucson. When we went out on the 3rd, Mark stopped at a vet clinic in Sturgeon Bay and got some sedative treats for Tucson. She is completely terrorized any time she hears thunder or fireworks, so we started giving her the sedative on the 3rd so that it would build up in her system. Last night, we could hear the fireworks four miles away in Gills Rock, but Tucson was pretty calm through it all. I hope you all had a good 4th!

Tucson alertly watching the wildlife in our backyard

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