From home!

Mark and I were both watching to see when Tucson would start to recognize where she was.

I heard rain on our roof when I woke up this morning, and it looked kind of threatening as we were getting ready to leave Whiskey Creek Family RV Park.
We did some zig-zagging across Wisconsin on rural roads.
Passed lots of barns and houses with gingerbread on them
Mark had to wash the windshield one last time, but it was so cool and wet out that we didn’t have any more trouble with bugs hitting our windows.
In southern Door County, we began seeing barn quilts again.
We stopped at our favorite bird store just south of Sturgeon Bay. Last year, the birds were so successful at keeping the bug population down that we were able to enjoy our back deck for the first time since we bought the house!
I bought a bird feeder that’s supposed to keep squirrels out and 4 packs of suet.
Crossing Sturgeon Bay
We had stopped at Walmart in Sturgeon Bay and we know by her reaction that Tucson recognized the store. She began paying a little more attention.
Lake Michigan from Jacksonport
There used to be a hardware store here in Baileys Harbor. It had a well-known mural on the side. We heard last year that they were going to tear the store down, but I think they preserved the mural and put it somewhere else in town.
Coming into Sister Bay
Tucson started sticking closer to Mark as she figured out we were near home.
Our first view down at Ellison Bay
The hamlet of Ellison Bay; the hut where I work at the information center is on the right.
Approaching home
The RV we had to leave behind last fall
As soon as we opened the door of the RV, Tucson peed near the mailbox and then went to the front door.
“Hurry up, Dad! Let me in!” Unfortunately, Mark didn’t have the right key.
We had a short visit with our neighbor, Sharon, and her dogs, Milo (the little one) and Boost (the Huskey).
I had given my set of keys to Mickie before we left last fall and she told me they were in the drawer at the hut, so I drove down there to look for them but they weren’t there. However, these daffodils were blooming.

Turns out that while I was at the hut looking for the house key, Mark had found his key in the old RV and opened the house. We decided to go out to dinner tonight

Heading back into Sister Bay for dinner
We went to Sister Bay Bowl to see our Turkish son, Merih. The place was so crowded and he was so busy, we had to ask our waitress to let him know his parents were there.

Turns out that the annual race at Peninsula State Park is tomorrow. We weren’t expecting there to be so many people yet, but after tomorrow, things should pretty much settle down until Memorial Day weekend.

We are staying in the RV tonight until we can get the house set up again. It’s good to be home even if the temperatures are only in the 50s!

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