Home at last!

Last night, our motel room was so bad that after lights out Kader and I were still giggling about it! This morning…

…I took this picture of a cockroach on the wall. I think the bug I killed last night was also a cockroach.

I took this picture down to the motel office and then had the desk clerk come to our room to check it out in person. She said, “I don’t know where that came from. We have someone come in and spray the rooms every week!” I told her about the one I killed last night and she said she’d see what she could do for us. I was charged a deposit last night and told that if we didn’t break anything in the room, the deposit would go back on my card this morning. It hasn’t come back yet, but I just spoke with someone who told me to give it 3 days to be processed. I have never, ever been in a motel room that was as bad as this before. I definitely won’t be giving it 5 stars!

It was good to get back on the road and see green rolling hills, even though the trees are still bare.
The Mississippi River
You can barely see it, but that sign on the right says, “Welcome to Wisconsin”. Woohoo!
Coming into Milwaukee, WI
We stopped in Shorewood, a suburb of Milwaukee, to check out a young man named Zach who is interested in getting to know Kader better (and vice versa). We approve!
Kader and I cheered when we entered Door County again!
I had put this painted rock of Dobby on his grave last summer and had been wondering how it fared in all the snow and freezing weather this winter. It looks like it fared quite well. I let Dobby know we are home again.
Of course, the question on everyone’s mind was whether we’d see any signs of mice when we got home. We didn’t, and we credit this foam that Mark put in all the old radiator holes before we left last fall. Someone had told me about this foam that actually repels mice so they don’t chew through it, and it worked!

Even as of Monday this week, Door County got snow and all our friends asked us to bring some sunshine back with us. As you can see from the pictures above, we did, but we weren’t able to get the warmth of Tucson to come back with us. I hope spring hits Door County soon!

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