From Cedar Rapids, IA

Today has felt very long and we are tired, so I will probably make this short.

The whole day today was gray and drizzly and made the day seem pretty dismal.
We did see bits of color along the way — white flowering trees, redbud trees, and fields of lavender.
I was driving at this point, trying to follow Mark as he was trying to maneuver which lanes he needed to be in to get through Kansas City. He made a lane change in front of a semi and I had to cut in short behind him, and then he stepped on his brakes and it was all I could do to keep from rear-ending him and getting hit by a semi from behind. I hate driving in the city!
Kansas City, KS
Crossing a cool bridge over the Missouri River.

I was so nervous after driving through Kansas City that at our next stop, I turned the driving over to Kader. It was good that I did because we didn’t get to our motel in Cedar Rapids, IA until after dark. I had made a reservation at a Motel 6 without checking to see if they had parking for an RV because I just assumed that all Motel 6s had parking for big vehicles. Wrong! Mark headed in and there was no place for him to go, so he had to back out. I asked at the front desk if there was anywhere he could park and the place they thought he could park was full of cars. They offered to check with the other Motel 6 in town, and they said they had a place Mark could park, so we changed our reservation.

The man at the front desk of the second Motel 6 has been very kind. He personally went out and directed Mark into the parking area for the RV, and when I called to say I was having trouble getting onto the internet, he called their computer service to try to help me. He forewarned me that the room is about to be renovated with new furniture and stuff, but Kader and I were rather dismayed when we went into the room. For one thing, the stench was so bad that I went out to the RV and got our Febreze and Kader sprayed it everywhere. There was a large bug that I killed with my shoe. And this is what the room looks like:

Stained curtains
Chest of drawers
Broken lock
The patches on the wall were probably where the clothes hanger used to be.

The room is so bad that Kader checked for bed bugs and she says she’s afraid to curl up with her pillow. We keep reminding ourselves that tomorrow night, we will be in our own beds.

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