From Butte, MT

It’s funny what a big difference a few miles can make.  When we were on the train going through Montana up near the border of Canada, everyone onboard started getting bored with the monotony of it after Glacier National Park.  We’re just a little further south, and it was a much more interesting landscape going across today.  The weather was perfect; almost balmy even!

Horses grazing around a stone cone

Red sandstone? Or iron oxide?

Antelope grazing with heart

Tucson was giving out lots of kisses today.


Downtown Billings, MT

We stopped at a truck stop in Billings around noon.  Mark got gas, filled the tires, and dumped the black water tank.  Mom expressed a desire to eat out, so we went across the street to a Dairy Queen.  It was like a special treat after snacking on the food we brought with us for the last three days!

Horses and mules grazing together

We began seeing the Rocky Mountains but didn’t start getting into them until somewhere around Bozeman.

The Yellowstone River runs across the state. We met up with it several times during the day.

Walmart in Bozeman

We stopped to get Tucson some more dog food and us some more water.  On these little stops we make, it feels good to get out and stretch our legs.

Sunset in the mountains

We are staying in a Motel 6 in Butte tonight.  Every other motel we’ve stayed at has had plenty of room for us to park in their parking lot.  This one has such a small area for us to park that Mark had to detach the pickup truck and park both vehicles in front of rooms that aren’t in commission right now.  It will be interesting getting out of here in the morning!

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