From Lordsburg, NM

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

This morning, Mark and I got up early to finish getting the RV ready to roll before church. Kader and I sat up near the front while Mark took his usual place in the back. The church had several special things going on.

The children sang a couple of Easter songs. I’m told they had been practicing singing the songs nice and loud, but when they got up in front, they got kind of shy. The 2 boys on the right are my pastor’s sons.
After church, they had set up this place for families to get pictures taken while their children’s Easter clothes still looked nice. Kader and Mark and I were the first to pose for our picture!

While adults were getting tables set up and food placed on them for a potluck, the children went out Easter egg hunting. Then we all sat down to eat and afterward I went around saying goodbye to all my friends. It took a short while after we left the potluck before Mark put the RV in drive and Kader and I pulled out of the parking lot behind him. I waved goodbye to our winter home. It was hot out when we left.

Getting the RV ready to roll
I did the first bit of driving of the car until we got out of Tucson. Then Mark stopped at a truck stop to get gas in the RV and we pulled into a pump and got gas in the car. At that point, Kader took over driving.

Kader and I had a nice talk in the car. She invited us to come to Turkey someday and she said, “Don’t stay anywhere but at my house. I will show you around and I will cook for you!” She is so sweet!

We made a short trip of it today because we got such a late start. When we entered New Mexico, we finally entered Mountain Time, so we are now one hour earlier than our family and friends in the Pacific Northwest, and one hour later than our friends in Door County!

We stopped at a KOA in Lordsburg, NM (which seems appropriate for Easter!) where we got a site for the RV and we got a cabin nearby for Kader. When I handed her the cabin key, she took a picture of it with the RV and car in the background. You can see the motorcycle in a UHaul trailer that Mark rented for the trip.
A selfie in front of her cabin
Her home away from home!

We have been watching The Chosen seasons 1 and 2 with Kader all week and tonight was the last episode of season 2. She is as into it as we are and we are all eager for season 3 to begin. If you haven’t yet seen it, look for season 1 on YouTube. Thursday night, we had a chance to show my pastor and his family one of the episodes. He told me this morning that he has been hearing about it for several years, and he said that the episode he watched with us did not disappoint. It isn’t your typical Christian show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love!

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