From Middleborough, MA

Today we touched on three states: Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  The weather was extremely wet and windy, but we intrepid travelers managed to get some sightseeing in before dark.  I must say, though, that I’ve noticed in the last several days that the sky seems to start darkening around 3:00 in the afternoon.  It may not be completely dark till 5:00, but it does make for some rather dismal pictures. Continue reading

From Washington, PA

Had we not reached our campsite in the dark last night, I could have shown a bit more what Ohio looks like.  As it is, within about half an hour after paying for our campsite this morning, we were out of Ohio.  I paid in the Bob Evans homestead museum which is right next to the first Bob Evans restaurant, and they said I had to at least get something from the restaurant so I could have bragging rights to having eaten at the first Bob Evans restaurant.  I went in and got Mark a cinnamon roll and myself a cornmeal muffin, so there! Continue reading