Tubac with Kader

On Tuesday morning, our Turkish daughter, Kader, flew into Tucson.

The day Kader arrived at the airport

She has been camping in my pastor’s trailer this week. I was working through Friday, the 15th, and today we finally had a chance to take her sightseeing. We took her to Tubac, an art colony south of Tucson.

The intrepid tourists!
First, we stopped for lunch at a place called Elvira’s. The food was good.
The ambiance was incredible!
The ceiling was full of these glass hangers.
The colors were rich!

After lunch, we explored some of the shops and galleries.

An open courtyard
Fun glass flowers!
It’s like being in Mexico!
I asked Kader to look through the glass on the other side of this case to give some idea of the scale.
Little fairy houses
More ceramics
One of Mark’s favorite galleries
This horse sculpture was made of motorcycle parts – the best of both worlds for Mark!
This was one of my favorite paintings.
There was a musician playing outside one of the galleries, and under a shelter nearby, there were some artists painting on canvas.
Colorful pots
Kader caught the same shot from a different angle that shows what Mark was looking at.
Metal sunflowers

It was a hot day, so when we got into the car to leave, the bottles of water we had left in the car were warm. On the way home, Mark stopped at a rest stop that had a vending machine where we could get something cold to drink.

Kader caught this last shot of Mark and me at the rest stop.

It was a wonderful way to end our stay here. Tomorrow is Easter, and right after the church potluck, we are hoping to be able to hit the road. Happy Easter everyone!

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