All work and no play…

Mark has been working really hard around the yard and in the garage since he got back from Tucson with his bike. He would like to be able to ride it, but somehow, he’s lost his bike keys and had to order a new set which should arrive in a couple of weeks. I have also lost my car keys somewhere around here. We’ve turned the house upside down and no keys have shown up. Fortunately for me, Mark had an extra copy of my car key, so we’ve been sharing that.

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Mother’s Day and the Big 6-0

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I should have wished all you mothers out there a happy one, but I was too busy enjoying mine.  Sorry!  Today was my 60th birthday.  It was relatively normal with some special elements.  I have pictures from both days, although my pictures from today were taken on my phone and the quality isn’t quite as good. Continue reading