Rearranging the furniture

I got another roll of batting yesterday and Mark and I realized that I am going to need the whole craft room for my office. I had hoped we could be creative in there together, but I’m bursting at the seams with all the kits I’ve been making in the last couple of weeks. But I found a space for Mark to move to…

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Hats 4 Hope

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Africa”?  For me, it’s heat.  I think of savannahs and jungles and deserts.  But apparently, it can also get quite cold.  Mothers and newborns have been dying of hypothermia in Tanzania.  Karen Klemp and Jane Krogstad have started a program called Hope 2 Others to put together kits of things to help mothers and babies survive, including warm hats.  Nancy Zieman, a famous quilter, is encouraging others to help by making heart-shaped hats from this pattern that you can print off your computer:
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Quilt workshop, and elections

Back before I flew out to Oregon in September, I signed up to participate in a quilt workshop put on by the Trillium Quilt Guild today.  When I thought I was going to be staying in Oregon, I canceled my registration for the workshop.  Then when Sherill died and I returned, I asked if there was still room for me and I was told yes, so I got to spend today being creative. Continue reading

Quilt show

Kathy watches out for me!  Yesterday she told me that the Corner of the Past and the Old Anderson House Museum was having a quilt show because she knows I like to quilt.  I didn’t end up making it there yesterday and I thought I’d missed my chance, but Katherine watches out for me too.  I saw her in the bathroom this morning and she told me it was on today as well.  As soon as Mark and I finished with morning rounds we headed to the museum in Sister Bay. Continue reading