Sight seeing

It has been so long since Mark and I used to stop at sights along our route that I was really looking forward to today, but I’m feeling my age tonight! I should mention that Mark used an actual camera and I was able to download his sim card more easily than I could the pictures from my phone with our connection issues here in the Black Hills. There are a few of mine mixed in here, but most of them are Mark’s.

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An extreme weekend

I was so extremely busy over the 4th of July weekend that there was no time to write.  For one thing, Mark had an eye appointment in Greenbay on Thursday so that took the better part of the day (it’s a four hour drive round trip).  We had a lot of campers over the holiday weekend so things were busy on the job.  Also, every chance I had to get on my laptop I was working on the report for Mark’s second mock inspection.  But there were also some fun activities and I got pictures. Continue reading

From San Antonio, TX

This morning was our last at Falster Farm.  We fed all the animals one last time and I took my last pictures of the place.  We managed to get out through the pasture and get my car loaded onto the tow dolly, but not without wrecking the bumper of my car.  We’ve been having a heck of a time with our vehicles lately! Continue reading

A test for our chicken coop

This afternoon as Mark and I were working on the chicken coop, big black clouds were gathering in the northwestern sky.  The wind began to rock the coop.  We had brittle fiberglass roofing on one side and we were beginning to lay corrugated metal on the other.  Then it began to rain.  We finally went to our RV and from there we could see the rain coming in sideways.  I felt like singing, “Oh say can you see if our roof is still there?” Continue reading

All in a day’s work

Last night before Mark and I went to bed we noticed that our electricity wasn’t working.  This morning Mark fired up the generator.  He tried checking our fuse box and everything, but couldn’t find what the problem was.  I went out to feed the pigs and saw Karl already in the barn.  When he found out we didn’t have electricity he went to look at our situation with Mark and discovered that the problem was in the electricity coming from the cabin where we’re hooked up. Continue reading

A day on the farm

This morning after a breakfast of garbanzo bean and coconut flour pancakes and home made sausage and raw milk at the house, Mark and I got the RV and car moved.  We had to leave the car in the pasture with Folger (the horse).  It was hard enough as it was to get the RV in behind the guest house and get it plugged in. Continue reading