It’s looking good!

Today was partly sunny with some breeze.  While there is still mud on the ground, it’s not such that we are afraid of sinking in up to our hubcaps when we leave tomorrow.  Thank you to all those of you who were praying for us today.  So far, God has been preparing a way for us!

Besides the usual chores today, Mark and I spent more time working on the new chicken coop.  We had an idea of how to build it, but Karl suggested another way to make it at least temporarily useful before we leave.  He had us just wrap the whole thing in chicken wire.  The solid walls on the north and west sides and the laying boxes on the east wall will have to wait.  We got three sides mostly wrapped with chicken wire and we put in a door.  The roof is finished.  I was most concerned about getting the parts done that Karl would have a difficult time doing by himself.  I think he could mostly handle it from here.

I must say that in the little over a week we’ve been working on Falster Farm, I’ve learned more about farming than I ever knew before.  Tonight I talked with Karl about what he’d need to do to get other Workampers to come and help.  I hope we have given Karl and Nancy some new things to think about too.

I’ll miss Nancy’s cooking and the meal time conversations we’ve all had.  I’ll miss Stewart, their watchdog, who loved to play with sticks and followed me all over the farm.  I’ll miss hearing the horse gallop in the pasture and looking up to watch her gracefulness.  A cow and a calf let us pet them today.  That’s quite an honor since they have always shied away from us till now.  I’ll miss the gentle cows.  I’ll miss Sunshine’s beauty and the way she called out whenever she perceived that I was near.  I’ll miss the faithful mama duck who seldom left the area where her ducklings were held in a cage for their own safety.  I’ll miss the half-tame cat who would sometimes let me pet her.  The other cat was feral and would always run away when I was around.  I will have to say, though, that I won’t miss having to chase the chickens around and around their pen in the dark to try to get them in where they’d be safe for the night.  The new chicken coop is for them.  It will make things so much easier for Karl and Nancy.  This has been a good stay!

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