Tombstone, AZ

Today was Mark’s 69th birthday, so as has become a tradition for us, we went to Tombstone to celebrate!

Tombstone Historic Courthouse
We took Tucson with us for the first part of the day.
Looking out from between Daddy’s legs
Downtown Tombstone
The re-enactors who play Doc Holliday, and Virgil, Wyatt, and Morgan Earp waiting for the shootout at the OK Corral
The OK Corral
A covered wagon
A stagecoach tour – One of these times, I’d like to take that tour!
The marshall posed for me while I was waiting…
…for Mark to come out of the western wear shop with a new cowboy hat. He had accidentally left his old hat at home and has been missing it ever since we’ve been here.
We took Tucson back to the car so that we could have lunch at the Crystal Palace. Last year, we sat up in the balcony and discovered a bullet hole in the ceiling above us!
The beautiful old bar at the Crystal Palace
I bought a new costume for my job at the Noble house (I’m still wearing my clothes under the dress).
Then we got Mark a new vest.
We stopped for ice cream
The horses were so pretty…
…I just had to pet them!
And as the sun sank slowly in the west, we headed home.

Happy birthday, Mark!

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