From Shelburne, VT

We left Old Forge, NY this morning and continued eastward through the Adirondack Mountains.  The further in we got, the prettier the scenery.  As soon as we hit I-87, our GPS sent us north on it.  I said, “Really?  I was expecting to keep heading east on 8.”  Mark was just happy to be on a highway again, but when I found out that the GPS was going to send us ninety miles out of the way, I asked Mark to turn off at the next exit.  He was skeptical, but he made the turn.  As soon as he did, our ETA went from sometime after 4:00 to sometime before 3:00, and the roads weren’t as bad as he had expected.  I just didn’t want to waste the gas to go almost up to the Quebec border and then have to come back down the other side to a place not far from us! Continue reading

Palmyra, NY

This is the part of the trip Mark has been looking forward to.  We have been working chronologically backward through his church history.  A couple years ago we visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Last Spring we visited Nauvoo, IL where Joseph Smith was killed.  Today we visited Palmyra, NY where Joseph Smith reportedly had his vision and received the golden plates. Continue reading

Back from Minett, Ontario, Canada

We drove into Canada yesterday and lost touch with the rest of North America.  Our GPS didn’t work, nor did our cell phone or our hot spot, so I have a couple days worth to report tonight.  I’m warning you this might be long because we saw a lot!

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