Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Friday the thirteenth has been a lucky day for Mark and me ever since we eloped in June of 2008.  Today was fairly lucky for me too.  I found some information on my Westcott ancestors. Continue reading

From Middletown, RI

This morning’s drive was our shortest yet.  It took us just under an hour to get from Middleborough, MA to Middletown, RI!  We plan on staying here for two nights so I can research some of my family history.  By the way, before we left our campsite this morning, we found out that the weather we experienced yesterday was only a very mild nor’easter.  I’d hate to see a normal one! Continue reading

Back from Minett, Ontario, Canada

We drove into Canada yesterday and lost touch with the rest of North America.  Our GPS didn’t work, nor did our cell phone or our hot spot, so I have a couple days worth to report tonight.  I’m warning you this might be long because we saw a lot!

Continue reading