From Liberty, MO

I spent nearly an hour beforehand trying to find a place for us to stop for the night. We crossed into Missouri and I missed the state border sign. I was still fretting and stewing online when Mark happened to see a Cracker Barrel restaurant along the edge of the highway. He had heard that they allow overnight camping, so we pulled in and found they have designated parking spaces for RVs and buses behind their restaurant. We asked and they don’t have any particular restrictions. We got parked and went in to have a nice dinner. Mark says we may go in for breakfast too!

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From Meade, KS

We went through four states today: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas! We were aiming to stop in Liberal, Kansas right on the border of Oklahoma and Kansas, but there was “no room in the inn,” so to speak. Some of you may remember that we stopped in Liberal two or three years ago and visited Dorothy Gale’s house (Wizard of Oz). Since neither of the RV parks there had room for us, we went another 40 miles to Meade of the Dalton Gang Hideout fame. Good thing the Dalton’s never came to Dorothy’s house!

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From Bartlesville, OK

Last night we slept with the windows open all night, and this morning we kept hearing an occasional Thwok! sound.  We figured out it was a bird trying to get in our window, but we couldn’t actually see him till we sat down for breakfast.  He came right up and sat on our window ledge for probably half a minute or so, having a good look at us as though we were animals in the zoo.  We said hello to him and he flew into the tree next to our window. Continue reading