From Kearney, NE

Yesterday and the day before, I averaged two hundred pictures a day which took me several hours to sort through to find what I wanted to show you in my blog. Today, I shot forty-four pictures. This is a comment on how much there was to take pictures of today!

This morning, Mark woke me up early to move from our spot behind the motel office because he was afraid that we would be caught for trespassing. Just about a quarter-mile down the road, there was a truck stop.

TA truckstop

We stopped in to ask if we could take a shower there, and they said yes. It’s about time! My hair was beginning to feel like straw.

All clean!
Mark too.

After a shower, we had breakfast. Having stayed up into the wee hours of the morning the last two nights to write my blog, I barely made it through breakfast.

I got one last shot of the mountains behind us before I fell asleep.
When I woke up a couple of hours later, we were behind this oversized load, and we stayed behind them until we stopped for lunch because it was so windy out that Mark didn’t want to chance trying to pass a wide load on a narrow road.
We pulled off the road at Eads, Colorado and I made us some lunch. Mark took Tucson out for a walk before we sat down to eat.
A farm of a different kind in Kansas. The sign at the border between Colorado and Kansas was so small that I missed taking a picture of it. I couldn’t see it until we were passing it!
We stopped to get gas at a truck stop near Colby. They had a cool setup. I took Tucson into the “Big Dog Park”, the next dog owner took their three dogs of varying sizes into the “Little Dog Park”, and while the dad watched the dogs, the mom took their daughter to play in the “Kiddie Park”.
This is the first rain we’ve seen in weeks!
I managed to catch the two signs between Kansas and Nebraska.
I told Mark we were going into a Funk. He groaned and said that the joke was worthy of my father who is a punster!
This morning, we got smart and we made reservations ahead in Kearney, Nebraska. We have crossed into Central Time Zone today and it is now midnight here, but if we had still been in Mountain Time, I would have finished my blog and gotten to bed before midnight. There’s something to be said about the flat prairie states!

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