From Strasburg, CO

We got an earlier start on our travels today – around 10:00 instead of sometime after noon – and had a relatively uneventful trip. 

We’ve been discovering that even truck stop gas stations are difficult to get into and out of with an RV towing a car.  That’s because our RV runs on gas and not diesel.  If we ran on diesel we could use the truckers pumps that are roomier than the car pumps.

From Salina, KS we turned west and traveled all the way on highway 70 to here.  Through the west side of Kansas the plains are somewhat hilly, but to my surprise eastern Colorado was flatter than Kansas.  We could see for miles, but we couldn’t see the Rockies.  We saw oil pumps periodically in someone’s pasture.  We saw a couple of wind farms, which wasn’t surprising considering how much wind we were fighting.  Every so often we’d come across places along the highway where people had planted two rows of low shrubby trees to act as wind screens.  One time I saw a tumbleweed roll across the road in front of us.  There was lots of wide open space.  The sky was clear and sunny and we could see the horizon all around us.

Towards western Kansas we crossed into Mountain time, so we are going to be in a unique position tomorrow morning…We can change our clocks back two hours instead of only one because of the time change.  You poor folks who only get one extra hour!  ;-P

I continued reading Dead Canaries Don’t Sing to Mark as he drove.  We’ve gotten to the point where we’re trying to figure out whodunit.  Mark thinks it’s the ex-wife who has three canaries but admits she used to have six.  He thinks she still loved her ex and killed him when she found out he was engaged again.  I think it’s the cop that the veterinarian is starting to like, because he refuses to answer her questions about the murder and it was a man who called her landlady with a warning that she should tell her tenant to keep her nose out of this or she’d be sorry.  It was a man that tailed her after she left the ex-wife’s house, so how could the ex-wife be the murderer?  It helps Mark stay awake while driving if we have an engrossing book we can discuss along the way!

There was one time I thought the author should have used me to edit her book.  She described the ex as living on a cul-de-sac of ranch houses, and later when the vet was in her house she was told that the bathroom was upstairs.  Hmmm…

Considering we changed our watch back on the trip, we arrived at our campsite before sunset.  It was nice to be able to set up in the daylight!  We’ll be here in Strasburg (about thirty five miles east of Denver) for two nights, so we put our slide out out and set our dining room table back up and are enjoying the roominess.  This will also give our cats a chance to be out from under the bed for a day so they can catch up on eating and drinking and using the litter box.

The scariest thing that happened all day was that while Mark was going in and out trying to get the RV hooked up and leveled and all, the door didn’t latch behind him once and Dobby got out.  Fortunately I saw it happen so Mark and I had him under the RV and Mark was able to lure him over till he could catch him by his tail.  We’re right next to the highway and I would have hated to have Dobby get away from us and possibly not know that highways are dangerous.  We’ve never lived beside a highway on past occasions when he’s gotten away from us for a night.  I guess God is watching out for our cats too!

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