From Meade, KS

We went through four states today: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas! We were aiming to stop in Liberal, Kansas right on the border of Oklahoma and Kansas, but there was “no room in the inn,” so to speak. Some of you may remember that we stopped in Liberal two or three years ago and visited Dorothy Gale’s house (Wizard of Oz). Since neither of the RV parks there had room for us, we went another 40 miles to Meade of the Dalton Gang Hideout fame. Good thing the Dalton’s never came to Dorothy’s house!

Since we couldn’t see anything when we pulled into Carrizozo last night, it was nice to see the area in the daylight.
Getting up into some of those mountains, we saw a light powdering of snow on the sides of the road.
The weather was overcast, but visibility was clear.
Wind turbines and plateaus
We started seeing some fluffy clouds
For a short while, we followed the historic Route 66.
More mesas
“Having fun! Wish you were here!” I spotted this from a rest area we stopped at.
I agreed to take the leash and give Mark a break, but Tucson was watching intently for him!
The “T” at the top of the hill stands for Tucumcari, NM. We stopped here to have lunch.

When we parked our rig to get lunch, we ended up beside another Georgie Boy Pursuit. Fancy that! I’ve never seen any Georgie Boy Pursuits besides ours in all our travels. And as things would have it, the driver of the other Pursuit is moving from Wisconsin to Arizona. What a small world we live in!

“Welcome to Texas: Drive friendly, the Texas way”
I turned this black and white to show how many thousands of cows were filling this hillside. There were equally as many as this on the other side of the highway!
“Welcome to Oklahoma”
Mark and Tucson out to stretch their legs on the side of an onramp to the highway

It was a short trip through the northwestern part of the Texas panhandle and the Oklahoma panhandle. When we got to the Kansas border, I was ready with my camera, but when the GPS announced that we were crossing state lines, there was no Kansas sign. I set my camera down, and then, wouldn’t you know it, the sign came up about a mile down the road and I didn’t have a chance to get my camera ready to catch it!

We got settled for the night at 7:00 pm and the sun hadn’t even gone down yet!
There’s a really nice paved trail that goes past our RV in a circle. As we walked around the circle, every so often, there was an exercise station. This one was harder than it looks because the balance beams are on springs!

Since we’re 40 miles beyond where we had planned to stop for the night, we’re going to do a little sightseeing in the morning!

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