Seattle and back

Mark was supposed to have a medical appointment at the VA in Seattle this morning at 9:00.  That meant we had to get up at 5:30 this morning.  Seattle is a two hour trip from Birch Bay, but we didn’t know what the traffic would be like as we got closer to Seattle so we left early.

When we are on long drives, I read to Mark (who is usually the driver).  This morning I was reading a Frank Peretti book called The Oath.  I think it’s one of those Christian “end times” type of books.  Mark had started it years ago and only got to page forty-five, so he asked me to read it to him.  It’s pretty interesting as a piece of fiction.
We got down to Mark’s appointment and he was supposed to take a pill before going in.  He took the pill, but then found out he’d have to come back another time for the appointment.  The pill made him a little unsteady on his feet, so I drove us back while he slept.
It’s interesting to note that the scenery is fairly typical highway scenery until you cross into Whatcom County (our county).  Then the scenery becomes spectacular.  My favorite stretch of road is near Lake Samish.  There are wooded hills on the east side of the highway and beautiful Lake Samish on the west side.  When my family used to drive up to visit my aunt, I would daydream about jumping out of the car in that area and becoming a mountain woman in the hills.
It was such a clear day today that I was able to see the Olympic Mountains as we were leaving Seattle.  I got to see Mount Baker from various angles and then we got to the point where I could see the Canadian Rockies.  This is God’s country up here!

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