From Mt. Shasta, CA

We got up early this morning and Mark unhooked the water and electric we had been using at the Los Gatos Rod & Gun Club.  Our biggest concern about today was getting down off the mountain.  We had decided that Mark would drive the RV down with the tow dolly, and I would follow in the car.  Mark took it very slowly, and several times we had to pull over to let traffic go by.  The cats were in their carriers for this part of the trip.

When we got off the mountain, we headed to the Campbell Safeway to get gas in the RV.  Remember it’s been sitting for 6 months with no chance to gas up.  After getting gas, we parked in a parking lot on the side of the store where no one else was parked and Mark got the car loaded onto the tow dolly.  Then we went inside to get coffee and donuts for the trip.  While we were looking in the donut case, Karen from my Bible study group came by and I was able to introduce her to Mark.  When I told Mark that she was the one that made the fudge he enjoyed, he gave her a big hug!

When we got into the RV, we let the kitties out of their carriers.  Kimba seems to handle traveling better than Dobby does.  The cats were actually better out of their carriers though.

Just south of Sacramento we ran into stop-and-go traffic.  I was able to get on my laptop while we were sitting there and get the DOT website.  It told me where the problem was but not what was causing it.  Turns out a truck had lost its trailer and they had the highway closed down to one lane northbound.  While I was on my computer I answered a few e-mails, and Mark was listening to his CB radio.  It was interesting to hear the truckers around us talking.

Other than that, our trip was uneventful.  I read to Mark most of the way.  We started with an Agatha Christie novel I bought at the library book sale a few weeks ago.  The book is called, “And Then There Were None”.  I had read it a number of years ago and I’m enjoying sharing it with Mark.  He likes it when I read to him while he’s driving.

We arrived at the Mt. Shasta KOA after dark, so we can’t see much.  What we can see is that there are banks of snow on either side of the road in here.  The roads are clear though.  Mark got our electricity plugged in but didn’t want to risk freezing our pipes by hooking them up, so we’re using the water in our tank.  I made dinner and we’ve settled in for a quiet evening.  In fact, I have a cat sleeping on my lap as I write this.  Tomorrow we hit the Siskiyous, so keep praying for us!

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