From Bartlesville, OK

Last night we slept with the windows open all night, and this morning we kept hearing an occasional Thwok! sound.  We figured out it was a bird trying to get in our window, but we couldn’t actually see him till we sat down for breakfast.  He came right up and sat on our window ledge for probably half a minute or so, having a good look at us as though we were animals in the zoo.  We said hello to him and he flew into the tree next to our window. Continue reading

From Newton Hills State Park, SD

In case you’ve been following our journey in your road atlas, here’s the route we took today:  We drove east from Jamestown, ND to Fargo, ND.  Then we turned due south and made a stop at Home Depot in Sioux Falls, SD.  From there we continued south for a few more miles and took the exit east to Canton, which on my map appears to be right on the border with Iowa.  Then we turned south a little way further to Newton Hills State Park.  Technically I suppose I could have put Canton, SD in the subject heading, but we’re actually not that close to Canton.  So now that you know where we are, here is today’s story: Continue reading