The birth of a business

It’s official! I registered my business with the State of Wisconsin and got my EIN (Employer Identification Number) today. The name went through several iterations but I finally named it Camp Quilter Kits. I have a website being built for it, so once that’s ready, I’ll let you look at it and see what you think!

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From Newton Hills State Park, SD

In case you’ve been following our journey in your road atlas, here’s the route we took today:  We drove east from Jamestown, ND to Fargo, ND.  Then we turned due south and made a stop at Home Depot in Sioux Falls, SD.  From there we continued south for a few more miles and took the exit east to Canton, which on my map appears to be right on the border with Iowa.  Then we turned south a little way further to Newton Hills State Park.  Technically I suppose I could have put Canton, SD in the subject heading, but we’re actually not that close to Canton.  So now that you know where we are, here is today’s story: Continue reading