From Bowmansville, PA

This morning we touched three states before noon.  If only we’d been going in the right direction!  We wanted to avoid taking the toll road that runs across Pennsylvania, so I thought I programmed our first stop in Morgantown, WV.  What I actually clicked on was Morgantown, KY.  There ought to be a law that states can’t use the same names for their towns!  We figured out our mistake when we hit Ohio again and we turned around, but by the time we got back to our starting point in Washington, PA, it was already 12:30 pm.   Continue reading

From Goodlettsville, TN

I’m writing this the morning after we arrived in Tennessee because we were out last evening.  After missing turns and being stuck in rush hour traffic, we found our KOA and parked the RV, then unhooked the truck and drove into Nashville.  We had a ticket reservation for a backstage tour at the Grand Ole Opry, but that didn’t go entirely as planned… Continue reading