From Poplar Bluff, MO

Fortunately, we didn’t have to drive as long today.  This was fortunate because we had to load everything up again after several days of being able to spread out a bit.  We stopped in briefly at the Workamper News office to thank them for the conference and then we tried to take a different route out of Heber Springs.   Continue reading

From Heber Springs, AR

One problem with having to be somewhere at a certain time is that you don’t have time to really stop for pictures.  Mark and I had a long push today to make it for the 2nd Annual NRVIA Conference which starts tomorrow.  Actually, tomorrow is a training for me and the conference itself starts on Saturday.  At least we get to stay in one place for a few nights, which is lovely.  It means we get to take things out of the sinks and actually use them and bump out both slide outs so that the RV feels more spacious again.   Continue reading