Not all who wander are lost

Mark and I had looked for some Glucosamine at the two stores we usually go to in Sister Bay, but they didn’t have it so today we decided to look at Main Street Market in Egg Harbor.  We found it there and we should have gone straight home.  We intended to go straight home, but the weather was so beautiful today we started meandering around.  Here are pictures from today: Continue reading

Grocery stores

This is just a quicky about grocery stores.  I had mentioned that the Pioneer Store is probably the closest to us, but it’s not big enough to have all the things we need so we never go there.  We’ve been going to Piggly Wiggly.  I hadn’t been in one of those since I was growing up in Vancouver, WA.  That and Shopko (which is more a department store than a grocery store) have been our stores in Sister Bay since we’ve been here.  When we’re down in Sturgeon Bay we go to Walmart. Continue reading