Grocery stores

This is just a quicky about grocery stores.  I had mentioned that the Pioneer Store is probably the closest to us, but it’s not big enough to have all the things we need so we never go there.  We’ve been going to Piggly Wiggly.  I hadn’t been in one of those since I was growing up in Vancouver, WA.  That and Shopko (which is more a department store than a grocery store) have been our stores in Sister Bay since we’ve been here.  When we’re down in Sturgeon Bay we go to Walmart.

There’s another large store right next to the Walmart called Econo Foods, so today we decided to see what it’s like.  You should have seen us.  We were like kids in a candy store!  Everything we thought we’d have to live without while here was there. There are some specialty items that most stores don’t have, but they had it all.  We were so excited!

As we were driving home along Highway 42 through Egg Harbor, I told Mark that someone at the potluck yesterday had said the Main Street Market in Egg Harbor was good, so we stopped to look in there too.  As Mark opened his door to get out of the truck I heard a buzz and saw him lock his door and shut it.  I asked, “Did you leave the lights on or something?”  He looked at me with horror and said, “No, I left the keys inside.”  I had already locked my door and I didn’t have my keys with me, so our first order of business inside the store was to ask the clerks if there was someone who could come and unlock our truck for us.  One of them called a guy back in Sturgeon Bay and he said he’d be there in half an hour.

While Mark waited for the man to come and unlock our truck, I looked around inside. Sure enough, this store also had all the specialty items I’ve been wishing for.  You may wonder what kind of specialty items I like.  There’s a kind of goat cheese called gjetoste made by Ski Queen.  It comes in a red cube and it tastes like caramel.  I like to eat it with apples and pretend I’m eating caramelled apples, only healthier. Not too many stores carry it, but here are two that do!  My other favorite is Stash Licorice Spice Tea.  I just had my mother send me some because I hadn’t seen it as we got more easterly, but apparently we aren’t completely out of range yet.  Still, thanks Mom!

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