The most wonderful husband in the world!

Mark has been wanting to buy me a new sewing machine for several years.  Every time we walked into a fabric store (yes, he comes in with me) he goes over to look at the sewing machines.  I wasn’t convinced I needed one until a few days ago when my bobbin winder broke.

A couple days ago we were at Walmart and he took me over to look at a sewing/quilting machine he’d been eyeing for me.  I liked it and the price was right, but they didn’t have anything but the demo in stock.  They wouldn’t sell the demo because it couldn’t be guaranteed to still be any good.  They called a couple of their other stores to see if they had them in stock, but they didn’t either.

Mark took me to a Hancock Fabrics store in Boerne (pronounced Bernie) yesterday.  They didn’t have it but they said there was a Joanne Fabrics store somewhere around.  We went looking for that using our GPS, but we couldn’t find it.  We found a cute little fabric store on our way back, but they don’t have sewing machines yet.  They recommended a place in Kerrville, but by the time we got there last night it was closed.

We got up this morning and went back to the fabric store here in town, but they didn’t have the one I was looking for either.  The one they did show me was wa-ay out of our price range.  I was getting discouraged and Mark had spent a couple beautiful days taking me around when he could have been working on his bike, so I made a decision.  There was a second best option that Walmart had on the shelf.  We went back and got that.

Brother - Project Runway sewing and quilting machine

Brother – Project Runway sewing and quilting machine

This second best option is actually plenty of sewing machine for me.  It has 100 stitches including several options for buttonholes.  The feed dog drops so you can do free-style quilting.  Every review I’ve read about Brother sewing machines has been a rave review.  I’m a happy camper and I love my husband!  🙂

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