From Bloomington, IL

I was so proud of Tucson! The desk clerk last night was skeptical about having a German Shepherd in the hotel, but Tucson barely made a peep in the room. That’s not to say she didn’t try, but every time she started to growl or acted like she was about to bark, we shushed her and she obeyed!

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Back in Birch Bay

We got up early this morning and had a nice continental breakfast at the Days Inn Hotel.  Then we went to the VA where Mark had some testing done.  We won’t know the full results for a couple weeks yet, but the preliminary examination sounded good.  They even joked with him and draped his hospital gown over his arm like Caesar!  I drove us home and had to stop at a rest stop for a nap, but we’re home now and looking forward to getting back to business as usual.  Please pray that the results of Mark’s tests will be good.  Thanks!