From Lynden, WA

Today wasn’t the best day for taking pictures.  We were so eager to get back to the US that we made very few stops, so mostly I just hung the camera out the window and shot at random.  The weather was pretty dismal too.  I had so hoped that we would get into some of that sunshine and heat we’ve been hearing about all summer down here. Continue reading

From Quesnel, BC (the “S” is silent!)

I got up early this morning and borrowed the phone in the office of the RV park we were staying in so I could call our insurance company about the broken window.  We got a claim number and went to Peace Glass company, but they said it would probably be several days before they could get the glass.  They said they could put a Plexiglas patch in for us, so that’s what we opted for.  A young man named Daniel patched our window while we watched. Continue reading