Planning our trip

I’ve spent the last couple days trying to find RV parks and make reservations in Canada for our trip to Alaska.  This has never been difficult before, but this time it has proved to be a challenge. 

Either I haven’t been able to find campgrounds in the area we want to stop, or the campgrounds I’ve found have a later opening date than when we’ll be coming through.  I have been consulting our atlas, a travel guide from the Yukon, a AAA tourbook, and the internet (especially Canadian government tourism sites).  Oddly enough, both my atlas and the AAA tourbook maps cut British Columbia short above Fort St John.  I have had difficulty finding a detailed map of the most northern section of BC.

Today I finally got on the Good Sam website and found most of the campgrounds I needed.  I have confirmations already from all but one of those I contacted through Good Sam, and that one I’m in e-mail communication with ironing out details.  Our Good Sam membership seems well worth the price!

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