At home with Mark

Yesterday, I showed a picture of the bench I thought I was going to sleep on. I wasn’t able to get to sleep on it for very long, so I moved to some chairs with a back I could lay my head on, but that didn’t work very well either. I got a few winks in but spent most of the night working on crossword puzzles. I had left a message in my last post for someone to call me at 5:00 this morning to make sure I was awake for my flight. My mother, God bless her soul, did! I was already awake anyway, but I was glad she called.

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This morning Wendy came to pick me up at Mom’s house and take me to the airport. She walked me in and we said our goodbyes. Then I walked into the area where you have to put everything in buckets and go through a scanner. They said to take everything out of our pockets. I didn’t think I had much in my pockets, so I went through the scanner. The woman on the other side asked if I had anything in my pockets and when I reached into them, I came up with a Kleenex. Because of that small piece of tissue, I had to be frisked!

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Reunion recap

The day that Mom and I returned from Klamath Falls, I spent the night with my older sister Sherill, but I was too exhausted by the end of the day to write. ┬áThen yesterday I flew home and there was the long drive home and the reunion with Mark, so I didn’t get to write. ┬áSo after my first day back at work, I’ve decided to do a recap of the highlights of my trip out west. Continue reading