Nauvoo, IL

OK, so here is a little LDS history:  Joseph Smith first brought his followers to a swampy bend in the Mississippi River and named the area Nauvoo, a Hebrew word meaning “the beautiful location”.  They drained the swamp and began building a well planned town, the second largest in the west at the time.  Chicago was the largest.  Continue reading

Hannibal, MO

I haven’t written for several days because we’ve been working on an inspection of our RV, but this afternoon we took some time off to drive into Hannibal, Missouri from our campground in Monroe City.  There is so much more we would have liked to see, such as the home of the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”, but we only had an hour to look around after having lunch at the Mark Twain Dinette, famous for their Mark Twain fried chicken and homemade root beer.  We went to the historic area where Mark Twain’s home and those of his friends are located. Continue reading