It’s beginning to look less like Christmas…

It was in the mid-70’s today.  Mark and I have let our employees go with a handshake and their final pay.  There are so few customers coming in now that we can handle it ourselves.  We’re down to our last thirty one Christmas trees as of tonight, and we spent a lot of today beginning the tear down process while remaining open for business.  We are so-ooo looking forward to this job ending!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!  I was looking forward to having a day off for Thanksgiving, but it didn’t exactly work out like that.  We had a delivery of trees this morning, so I called in one of our employees.  While he and Mark dealt with the trees and some other set-up stuff, I tried to find a Laundromat that was open.  It’s been over a week since I’ve had time to wash clothes (let alone dishes)! Continue reading

Lots and lots of Nobles!

Our first delivery on Wednesday was eighty three Nobles.  Wednesday we had three workers, one of whom was a very experienced person.  He quit the next day because we couldn’t pay him what he wanted.  Thursday we had three workers, one of whom was a young man with a lot of tattoos.  The next day he didn’t show up.  Friday we had three people.  One was a Christian man who doesn’t drive and doesn’t have his own phone.  He said he’d call this morning to see if we got our second delivery. Continue reading