Hotel, motel and resort etiquette

Some of you may remember that last fall I wrote a piece on “Public restroom etiquette”.  If you missed it, you can go back on my website ( to October 9, 2015 and read it.  Now that we are coming down to our last couple weeks here, I want to write about “Hotel, motel, and resort etiquette”… any place that provides clean, white linens for your stay.  I will refer to them as a resort below since Sun N Fun is a resort, but it applies to all. Continue reading

Public restroom etiquette

As our job here winds down and we anticipate cleaning bathrooms in Florida this winter, I thought I’d pass on some sage advice about public restroom etiquette.  Years ago as a young wife and mother, I went to a series of Christian Homemaker classes led by a woman named Bobbi Hassman.  I will never forget her recruiting us into the Public Restroom Beautification Program.  She said we should always leave a public restroom looking neater than we found it and I have always tried to do that…pick up a paper towel from the floor, wipe off the countertop, etc.  Here are some tips from my experience this summer: Continue reading