Honey, I’m ho-ome!

I went to church this morning and asked for prayer for Mark’s last day on the road. All afternoon, Tucson seemed kind of antsy, like she knew he was supposed to be arriving today. Both of us were listening every time we heard a motorcycle. Finally, this evening after 5:30 we were outside waiting for what we knew had to come at any time, and we were rewarded with the sound of a motorcycle turning into the church parking lot. When Mark rounded the corner of the church, I squealed and skipped over to him with my arms open wide! Tucson ran to him too, but I beat her there!

The bridge in this picture is what we usually cross after dark as we enter Page, AZ near the dam. Mark got this picture this morning.
Ahead is the crack in the rock where we have come out on top of the world in our RV journeys.
I have tried getting a picture of this canyon in the valley floor from the RV, but I’ve always had to deal with window glare and dirt. This is a true picture of it. It’s pretty impressive!
One thing I’ve never been able to catch in the RV are these roadside stands where Native Americans sell jewelry and things. Mark stopped and bought me a present here. You can do that when you are on a motorcycle!
I had seen this sign too late to get a picture on our way down. Mark was able to stop and take a shot. Love it!

Mark had been in such a hurry to get home this morning that he had run out of Page without any breakfast. He finally stopped in Flagstaff for brunch about the time I was getting out of church. He texted me to say that he had found a Cracker Barrel in Flagstaff and was having a good meal. When he finished, he texted to let me know he was heading out on the road again.

Coming down from Flagstaff

A little before 4:00, Mark texted me again to say that he was north of Phoenix and the highway had been closed due to construction. He later told me that he had pulled off at a gas station where there were “gang bangers” and prostitutes to ask how to get back on the highway. He pulled up next to the motorcycle of a biker and asked for directions. The guy was starting to tell him to turn right at a certain street when a prostitute came up and said, “No, you have to turn left!” Mark followed their directions and finally managed to get back on the highway heading to Tucson. That’s why he was later than anticipated.

It sure is good to have him back!

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