From Santa Rosa, NM

We’ve been through three states today: Oklahoma, Texas, and into New Mexico!

We started the day out by going to Denny’s for breakfast. Our waitress was funny and very attentive. We left her a good tip!

I finished the mystery I’ve been reading out loud to Mark for the past few days and spent a little more time looking around. I didn’t catch the Texas welcome sign as we crossed the border, so I took some pictures around the visitor center on the other side of the border.

It was a very unique visitor center!
The Lone Star State
They had an interesting talking display inside with big picture windows that looked out onto the plains. This is probably one of the nicest visitor centers I’ve ever been in!

You can see how sunny it was today, and during the day, the weather was finally warm enough that I was able to take my winter parka off! However, we did see snow off the road a ways as we were going through Texas.

We were on I-40 going through the panhandle of Texas when we saw this huge cross that we saw many years ago. I think there’s a museum there or something.

It was dark by the time we crossed into New Mexico, and when we got to the Americas Best Value Inn where we are staying, it was cold again. This hotel is almost luxurious by comparison to where we’ve stayed the last couple of nights. It’s got places to recharge all our devices, it’s clean and in great shape. I think we’ll try to find Americas Best Value Inns in the future if we have to stay in hotels again!

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