Mock up

I’m going to keep this short tonight.  This evening, Mark and I moved everything back into the bathroom temporarily so we can see how it’s all going to fit.  

Mark sitting in contemplation of the arrangement

One of the hardest parts has been trying to figure out the placement of the cabinets over the counter top.

Should the bath faucet go at this end, or…

…at this end? Send me your preference.

I had a call from my pastor this evening.  She was on her way home from the clinic in Chicago.  She had told us on Monday that they wanted to do a third biopsy of her, but what I didn’t realize was that they were talking about her having to come back for that.  She saw the oncologist at the clinic there today, and her oncologist said she didn’t see any reason for making my pastor come all the way back for that at a later date.  Instead, she worked really heard to get things set up so that Nancy could have the biopsy done today.  The reason for all the biopsies is that they have so far been unable to discern if Nancy is HER-2 positive or negative.  Please pray that this last biopsy will make that clear so that Nancy doesn’t have to keep going through this.

At any rate, Nancy sounded very upbeat on the phone and was praising the Lord that the biopsy was able to be done before she left today.  We will be glad to have her back!

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