Out with the old…

My pastor, Nancy Bontempo. This photo was taken with my phone, July 2017.

First of all, I want to ask for your prayers for my pastor, Nancy Bontempo.  She had a needle biopsy this week and every sample they took, including her nodes, was cancerous.  We had a very emotional service this morning, not because she’s grieving, but because she became so vulnerable with us in her sermon this morning.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the church.  She thanked us all for the outpouring of our love this week and said that because this has happened to her, she believes God is going to do His work throughout the whole congregation.  She was praising God for her weakness because His strength is made perfect in her weakness.  She said that God is faithful and He will never forsake us.  Whatever this journey brings for her and our church, she told us to be strong and courageous.  She was so joyful and so obviously in love with God that I couldn’t help but think of my sister, Sherill.  Please pray that God will be Nancy’s strength in her worst hours ahead, and pray that my church, and particularly I, will be able to walk this journey with her and with God.

Before I start crying again, I’m changing the subject.

Mark has been dismantling the old boiler and opening up the wall to the utility room so that he could get it out.  Today he finally got it out (with a very small amount of help from me).  Here are some before and after pictures:





The junk pile developing in our driveway. I bet our neighbors are hoping we haul it off soon!

We also have a trailer full of debris from the bathroom and elsewhere

And before Wednesday, we need to get the garage cleaned out because our new tub is going to be delivered.

I am expecting a visit from my son and his spouse from Wednesday through Saturday morning.  I sure wish we could have been in less chaos by the time of their visit!

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