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We went to Mark’s church this morning and when we got home, I asked him if we could take a picture of ourselves.  Besides my new Easter dress, Mark had gotten me another nice dress last weekend and I wore it today…

And look how big Tucson is now! This was taken here in the RV park and it was breezy today.

The weather is supposed to peak at about 96° this week.  We will be moving to my church parking lot next weekend, so this the best time for Mark and I to get some work done on the RV to make it capable of handling weather in the 30’s when we get back to Wisconsin.

Mark got up on the roof to repair and reseal it.

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

I focused on the top of our bedroom slide out so that you can see there is no slide out topper.  There was one up there when we bought the RV several years ago, but we have been through so many wind storms and so many different kinds of weather since then that it disintegrated.  We haven’t been able to afford the fabric to repair it.

What you’re looking at here, on the right, is the top of our bedroom slide out with no topper.  We’ve had some leaks up here.

On Saturday, Mark came home with a used slide out topper his work place was going to throw away.  I spread it out and cleaned it up.

Our new (to us) topper

God is good!

One other thing about this weekend…

On Saturday, I took Tucson to the Humane Society for her third set of puppy shots.  It was the grand opening for the new facility the Humane Society has built.  After the shots, we went to the party.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona – grand opening

There were lots of people there, and Tucson seemed to be a real hit.  Everyone wanted to pet her or take pictures of her.

Tucson was overwhelmed, as well as being a little out of it from her shot.

Her last set of shots will be in Wisconsin!

Now for something a bit more serious.  I have my father’s permission to tell this now.

A little more than a month ago, my father started having severe pain in his right leg.  His doctor thought it was a side effect of being on Lipitor for his cholesterol.  He was trying to wait out the pain in hopes it would eventually go away since he stopped taking the medication, but the pain increased to the point where he was using a walker to get around.

One morning, he had the walker outside the shower, and when he tried to grab it as he was getting out, he missed and fell and broke his right arm above the elbow.  This was a couple weeks ago, and he’s been in a rehab center ever since.  All they did for his arm was put it in a sling across his chest hoping that the bones would line up and mend on their own, but they haven’t.

Last week, at his doctor’s instigation, he went to the hospital for a series of tests including a CAT scan.  They now think that maybe the pain in Dad’s right leg is due to bone cancer.  There was a faint shadow on his x-rays.  They have scheduled him for surgery this coming Tuesday.  One thing they plan to do is put a rod in the part of his broken arm where the marrow would normally be.  This should strengthen the bone and help his arm to mend correctly.  The other thing they plan to do is put a rod inside his femur on his right leg to strengthen it.  While they are in there, they will be looking for the source of the cancer in his leg and determine whether they can just cut it out or if they need to use other means to get rid of it.

In the last few days, Dad has been coughing and his nose has been running.  He needs to be well for the surgery.  I am asking those of my readers who are of a mind to pray for him.  Pray that he will be well enough for the surgery, that the surgery will go well, and that if he truly has cancer, it will be easy to cure.

This may sound odd, but we are glad that Dad broke his arm.  We believe it was God’s way of making sure that this cancer, or whatever it is, would be discovered in time.  Again I say, “God is good!”

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